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Tracking a wild animal is a complex form of problem-solving. It calls upon a refined set of skills and a particular way of thinking. It compels us to be conscious of the interconnectedness of all life.

I want to show you how, by adopting the mindset of a tracker, you can make high-quality decisions.

And, how it can be used to solve modern-day business problems.

Wildlife trackers operate in a wild and wordless environment – where information is often incomplete – and this causes uncertainty.

To overcome this, trackers consider three interrelated factors: 1. The track evidence. 2. The physical landscape 3. The animal itself.

Decisions are made by merging the facts and the wider environmental significance, together with the animal’s purpose. This allows them to create a mental picture of the activity around them.

But to be successful, the tracker must also adopt certain mindsets. They must become discerning, creative, and sensitive to the environment.

This is most important.

The ability to constantly be shifting one’s attention between the detail and the bigger picture. Zooming in, and zooming out, constantly – is key to finding whatever you are tracking.

As it turns out, the ancient artform of tracking represents a mental framework for holistic decision-making.

Worldwide, decision-making is becoming increasingly expedient.

I’d love to show you how this can be changed.

We will put your team in the boots of an expert animal tracker! You will be asked to make the same decisions that they make.

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Alex explains why tracking is so important in our personal and professional lives.

Leading a team on Zoom all day is challenging. Why not shake things up with a virtual adventure of a different kind?

Come tracking lions with us.

Following a fresh lion trail on foot is a thrilling experience. You are facing the world’s most charismatic animal. The uncertainty of what may happen focuses your mind – in a way that is primal.

Screengrab from Tracking Success virtual adventure

All your senses are alive.

Is that a paw print? Where are they going? Are they hunting? These are some of the questions that you ponder as you interpret their trail.

To close the gap on the lion, you must form a mental image of their activity – assembled from all your observations and previous experiences.

Invariably you lose track, which causes distress, but it’s part of the process.

And when you finally encounter them, they will glare at you with yellow eyes, growl, and occasionally charge up to you – causing adrenaline and cortisol to flood your body.

Charging lion. Photo by our friend, Rex Miller

Your success, your safety; is your ability to read the signs.

Tracking animals is not just an ancient African craft. It is also a powerful metaphor that allows us to find our way in a chaotic modern world.

To learn the principles of tracking and how to apply them in your life, join Tracking Success.

Screengrab from Tracking Success virtual adventure



Tracking Success

Use the ancient craft of wildlife tracking to get your team onto the path of performance.


Welcome to the world’s first wildlife tracking interactive documentary.

Leaders are searching for innovative ways to stay connected and perform in both a physical and virtual world.

Tracking Success is completely unique. It is designed for business teams that want a rich and highly interactive experience.

Set in the Greater Kruger National Park,  your team’s goal will be to track lion, leopard, and rhino in this wild and natural ecosystem.

You become the tracker.


How does it work?

You connect via an online platform. Through a combination of video and storytelling, you become immersed in the activities of an expert wildlife tracking team.

Expert facilitation and campfire discussions link tracking to the real issues your team faces.


This virtual tracking simulation takes the form of a branching decision tree where individuals and teams choose their own adventure.

In each scenario, your team will discuss and decide on the best course of action.


Participants face the same challenges Alex and Renias faced whilst tracking leopard, lion, and rhino in a difficult environment, with incomplete information.


Why Tracking?

Tracking is both an ancient African craft and a modern metaphor.

Each one of us is a born tracker…tracking something important in our lives. The same applies to organisations.

Trackers deal with the complex world of nature, an uncertain and wordless environment.

Their time-tested process helps them navigate successfully the ever-changing conditions in which they operate.


You become the tracker

You are an active participant in the complex task of tracking and finding your goal.

Your weigh up the evidence, make the decisions, and live with the consequences.

Finding the animal is in your hands.


Delivered virtually or in-person

The programme can be run as a standalone or integrated into an existing agenda.

It is easily adapted to suit your time and learning requirements.

There is no limit to the number of participants.


What you will get

A unique learning experience.

A powerful metaphor for improving organisational health.

Facilitated campfire conversations focussing on the five elements of tracking, mastery, trust, decision-making, and others.

An opportunity to refocus on what is most important.

Shared fun with your team!


“Alex and Grant take you on a fantastic tracking journey, using the bush tracking metaphor to share stories and insights that have enabled us to continue to develop our ability to both operate as an effective team and progress each of our own personal mastery.
The concept, videography and facilitation come together in a meaningful and very enjoyable few hours.”

Doug Laburn, Lombard Partnerships.